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A Fun Week in Kingfishers

What a fun week had by Kingfisher class. We explored team work and structures at outdoor learning, creating dens that our whole team had to fit in.

Then on Thursday we had an exciting day dressing up as either our favourite character from a book or some children created their own characters. We had some lovely homemade costumes, some of which the children had made themselves. We then spent time writing stories based on this.

Finally, on Friday we were lucky enough to have a special science assembly to launch our new science club.

How do I get about?

Our big question last term was ‘How do I get about?’ and we have been learning lots about different ways of travelling.

As part of this topic we went on a ‘Try the train trip’ which was kindly supported by South Western Railway. We travelled with a community ambassador to Sherborne and visited Sherborne Abbey which is marvellous. The children were very excited to travel by train and it brought their learning to life.


Y3-Y4 Tag Rugby

On 16th February a squad of tag rugby players took part in a festival at Colyton Grammar School.  They had a wonderful time and learnt lots of good games that they are going to teach the rest of the class in their PE lessons!

Kingfishers Outdoor Learning Beach Day

The Disgusting Sandwich

Our English focus this last part of term has been on the book ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’.   The children have started the process of creating their own version of the story.  They went for a walk as part of our outdoor learning with a fairy cake to photograph all the disgusting things that could happen in their story ‘The Disgusting Fairy Cake’.

Lots of lovely inspiration to write.

Outdoor Learning

Dragons in class time

As part of our very exciting topic on dragons Mrs Mackenzie’s friend Dr Hilda Haddock sent us some pictures to look at.  The children spent 5 minutes at each table discussing what they thought was real, what could be fake and why, some decided they would like them as pets, we linked the dragons to our pesky class dragon who keeps moving and to Toothless from How to train your dragon.

The conversations were excellent and the language and reciprocity shown by the children was amazing.  They all took the time to listen to their friends and took on board each other’s thoughts and opinions.   We are using the dragons to inspire us with our watercolour painting, building dragons out of different hinges as well as writing about them.  The children have made homes for the dragon using our tuff tray bits as well as changes our fairy garden into a dragon garden.


They are having a fabulous time


Pond Life

Kingfisher class have been given tadpoles and frogspawn. One of our children was a little worried that the tadpoles may eat the unhatched spawn, so we took them to our pond to allow them to hatch there.


The girls did an excellent job of rejoining them and we can’t wait to see if we get some frogs in our nature area

Baby Dragon

Kingfisher Class had a very exciting return to school after lockdown. Mrs Mackenzie had a letter and book from her friend who is a dragonologist. We were a little worried, as it was wrapped in paper that looked burnt. She also sent us a video of her finding dragons eggs and what looked like a baby dragon in a cave.

During the morning we had a phone call telling us to watch the news. There had been a dragon sighting. The children decided that it might be the mummy looking for its baby. After that we had a very special delivery which broke out of its box during lunch and made a big mess of our classroom. This meant that we could have a good look at what had been sent to us by Dr Hilda Haddock. We are super excited. We even found scratches in the playground and what looked like some burnt paper where the dragon escaped.


Peace is in our hands

Kingfisher class have learnt about Remembrance day and worked hard to create a display to remind us all about why we have Poppies. We also discussed why we weren’t able to have the parades this year due to COVID, asking lots of very relevant questions and having some good discussions.

The children took photos of their partners hands and edited them to make sure they were clear and changed into black and white. They then made a tissue paper Poppy to place on top of their own hand photo.


We created this as not only to remember those who died for us but also to help remind us that the future peace is in our hands

Brilliant Beans

What we did ......

In March the children were asked to keep a clear container to plant one of their beans. This container was filled with some compost and the bigger of the beans (the runner bean) should be slid down between the soil and the container so that the bean can be seen through the container.  This bean should be kept in a sunny spot and the soil kept moist but not so that water can be seen in the bottom. Pierce the bottom of the container to enable the water to flow through and not drown the seed.

The link below shows the groupings for a school wide experiment with instructions to follow for the individual groups.

Click the link for further information ——->>>>  Kilmington Primary Brilliant Beans 2020

Science group 1

Plant seed in optimal conditions in small pot (aprox 4” diameter) of compost placed in sunny window or greenhouse. Soil kept moist but not soaked.

Science group 2

Plant seed in a small pot (aprox 4” diameter) of compost and place in a dark cupboard. Water if soil dries out.

Science group 3

Plant seed in a small pot (aprox 4” diameter) of compost and place in garden. Water if soil dries out.

Science group 4

Plant seed directly into soil in garden, add something such as a tall cane or trellis for the plant to grow up. mark the position with a lollypop stick/marker and let the weather look after it.

See how they are growing ......

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