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Kingfishers Outdoor Learning

We had a lovely time building dens in small groups. We wrote out an instruction page to link with our current English learning of how to write instructions.

Measuring Length & Height

Maths in the outdoors

At outdoor learning today we found some dinosaur bones which we then had to work out how to measure using the items provided.  The children had to decide in their pairs which was the most sensible way of measuring.  We found out that when we measure things we can measure in anything as long as it is exactly the same or equal units, whilst we measure in mm, cm, m and km we could measure in lego blocks etc….

The children then re-measured their items ensuring they placed them correctly onto the ruler or tape measure.  We also decided to check that the tape measures hadn’t stretched against other rulers.

After lunch we built dens in teams to see who had made the tallest and widest and we used different ways of measuring them to work out who had the tallest one.

Measuring & Den Building

Science Nature Detectives


We became science nature detectives at our outdoor learning.

In our groups we went on a hunt looking for native trees, animals, plants and birds. We had some fab discussions about how to group trees in to deciduous and coniferous, highlighting the different leaves.

Time to explore

This months forest school gave us  time to explore being creative in nature.

The children were given an opportunity to get mucky, create art using what they can find in the woods, build dens, paint the storage shed with mud, create music using nature and generally have fun.

We also explored using blindfolds in pairs and small groups, guiding each other around the Forest School area. Last thing we used some locally found clay to create our own piece of art on a tree.


Lots of muddy children, it was lovely!

Ospreys Forest School

John Muir Award - Conservation

As part of Ospreys conservation element of their John Muir award, we went around the village litter picking … I think you well agree we did well.

We tried to build shelters, but the weather got the better of us, however it was fun.

Jackdaws Forest School

We had to use our lateral thinking skills to solve problems, picked up an incredible amount of litter and made brilliant clay birds - Take a look at our "Forest School Snaps"in class for even more fantastic photos!

Osprey Journey Sticks

Osprey class are working towards the John Muir Discovery Award during their Forest School time. As part of this they have been learning a little about John Muir himself.   Muir was an adventurer, explorer, writer and botanist. One of his adventurers that combined his love of exploration and botany was an impressive 1000 miles walk. On this walk he took notes but also samples to remind him of what he had seen.

Osprey class went for a more modest stroll but thought about John Muir walk. Like John Muir they collected items as a reminder of what they had seen and where they had been. These items included leaves, sticks, pine cones, stones, feathers etc and then bound them to a stick. Making a ‘Journey Stick’ is a traditional natural craft that has been used by many over the years and across cultural groups, for story telling and catching memories. All the journey sticks made by Osprey class were unique, reflecting their individual creativity and experience. They made a colourful and interesting collection when grouped together.


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