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Fun fitness

Building our Stamina & Stay Healthy

We have been working on building our stamina to help us stay healthy. We are now all able to run for 13 minutes non stop.

We started at the beginning of the year just 5 minutes on the playground and now we have moved up to the field to enable people to improve their own fitness. This also enables the teaching team to support individuals with their running style and tips to improve their technique, with an aim to get to 15 by the end of term.

Well Done Kingfishers!


Measuring Length & Height

Maths in the outdoors

At outdoor learning today we found some dinosaur bones which we then had to work out how to measure using the items provided.  The children had to decide in their pairs which was the most sensible way of measuring.  We found out that when we measure things we can measure in anything as long as it is exactly the same or equal units, whilst we measure in mm, cm, m and km we could measure in lego blocks etc….

The children then re-measured their items ensuring they placed them correctly onto the ruler or tape measure.  We also decided to check that the tape measures hadn’t stretched against other rulers.

After lunch we built dens in teams to see who had made the tallest and widest and we used different ways of measuring them to work out who had the tallest one.

Measuring & Den Building

Science Nature Detectives


We became science nature detectives at our outdoor learning.

In our groups we went on a hunt looking for native trees, animals, plants and birds. We had some fab discussions about how to group trees in to deciduous and coniferous, highlighting the different leaves.


Extending and supporting our understanding of chronologically we started to look at the book Belonging by Jeannie Baker.

This prompted some amazing conversations as the children found the different views from the window and decided between them, using the clues in the images, how they needed to be placed to show a chronological order.


Salt Dough Ammonites

Messy but fun!

As part of today’s outdoor learning we made our own salt dough so that we could sculpt our own ammonites.

Look at our salt dough ammonites

Mary Anning

This term Kingfisher class will be investigating the life and works of Mary Anning

During outdoor learning we had ten picture clues to find that would tell us what our topic was.   These clues were all things that had happened in Mary Anning’s life.  We placed these around the (unlit) fire circle and walked around talking to our class mates to see if we could work it out from individual pictures.

There were some amazing discussions and linking  of shared ideas during this time. We discussed each one and shared why they may link. One child was quick to recognise that it may be Mary Anning that we were going to investigate.

The children then worked in pairs and used twigs to create images of dinosaur skeleton fossils found by Mary Anning.

Kingfishers Outdoor Learning Beach Day

The Disgusting Sandwich

Our English focus this last part of term has been on the book ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’.   The children have started the process of creating their own version of the story.  They went for a walk as part of our outdoor learning with a fairy cake to photograph all the disgusting things that could happen in their story ‘The Disgusting Fairy Cake’.

Lots of lovely inspiration to write.

Outdoor Learning

Dragons in class time

As part of our very exciting topic on dragons Mrs Mackenzie’s friend Dr Hilda Haddock sent us some pictures to look at.  The children spent 5 minutes at each table discussing what they thought was real, what could be fake and why, some decided they would like them as pets, we linked the dragons to our pesky class dragon who keeps moving and to Toothless from How to train your dragon.

The conversations were excellent and the language and reciprocity shown by the children was amazing.  They all took the time to listen to their friends and took on board each other’s thoughts and opinions.   We are using the dragons to inspire us with our watercolour painting, building dragons out of different hinges as well as writing about them.  The children have made homes for the dragon using our tuff tray bits as well as changes our fairy garden into a dragon garden.


They are having a fabulous time


Pond Life

Kingfisher class have been given tadpoles and frogspawn. One of our children was a little worried that the tadpoles may eat the unhatched spawn, so we took them to our pond to allow them to hatch there.


The girls did an excellent job of rejoining them and we can’t wait to see if we get some frogs in our nature area

Baby Dragon

Kingfisher Class had a very exciting return to school after lockdown. Mrs Mackenzie had a letter and book from her friend who is a dragonologist. We were a little worried, as it was wrapped in paper that looked burnt. She also sent us a video of her finding dragons eggs and what looked like a baby dragon in a cave.

During the morning we had a phone call telling us to watch the news. There had been a dragon sighting. The children decided that it might be the mummy looking for its baby. After that we had a very special delivery which broke out of its box during lunch and made a big mess of our classroom. This meant that we could have a good look at what had been sent to us by Dr Hilda Haddock. We are super excited. We even found scratches in the playground and what looked like some burnt paper where the dragon escaped.


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