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Making Lanterns

We made our lanterns using thin card. The children drew or shaded with coloured crayons and then they painted the card with oil to make it more translucent.


Making a Dark Den

As part of our topic on day and night we have been exploring the dark. One of our projects was to make a dark den. The children knew that to make their den dark they needed to keep out the light. Some of the children collaborated for a long time to create their own dark den using fabric and pegs. However, it was difficult to block out the light. We then turned the story boat into a dark den and shared a book by torchlight. Since then, the children have enjoyed playing with torches in the dark den, exploring their shadows and the excitement of the dark.


Light Magic & Shadow Art

We have been exploring light and shadow in science and art. The children used objects of an overhead projector to create interesting patterns of colour and shadow. They were especially curious to see how they could change the pattern by moving the objects.

Lantern Walk

The children were so excited to go for a lantern walk. They learnt a special lantern song and made their own lanterns. In Pipit class we have been learning about how the earth’s rotation creates day and night. In the day time we practiced our lantern walk and observed the sun in the sky. Our lantern walk started at dusk and we stopped to look at where the sun had been in the day and we saw the colours of sunset and the first stars in the sky.

Thank you to all the families who came and joined us it was a marvellous way to deepen the children’s learning and to celebrate the coming of the winter.



Homes in the Past

We have been learning about homes in the past and we have looked at an old typewriter and telephone. They have been very keen to explore them and understand how they work.

It was hard for them to imagine a world with no mobile phones, computers or internet.

Thinking About the World

Where we are ...

As part of our homes topic, we have been thinking about where in the world we are and looking at maps. We read the wonderful book, ‘Me on the map by Joan Sweeney which starts with a child mapping their bedroom, then their house, then their street, town, county, country and then the world.

We explored aerial views of the area on google Earth. Some children were fascinated to find their home on the map. Later they had a go at mapping. Some using blocks and others drawing their room, street or home.



The Art of LS Lowry

Art by Pipits Class

We looked at some pictures by LS Lowry and learned that he liked to draw pictures with lots of people and houses in them. Lowry liked to use a lot of white and black in his pictures, so we explored using these colours in large scale painting outside.

Some children also used watercolours and created really interesting effects and a fantastic matchstalk man

Is Everyone’s Home the Same?

Our big questions is.......

“Is everyone’s home the same?” So, we have been thinking about our homes and what is the same and what is different.

We had a very interesting afternoon walking around Kilmington and noticing different features on the houses. Some were made of bricks, others of stone. Some even had a straw like material called thatch on the roof. The children were really engaged and they especially liked touching the stone walls. They were impressed to notice solar panels on some houses too.

It has been great to have so many pictures of the children’s homes sent in too. We have found lots of differences between homes, but also that they all have a door, windows and a roof.

Walking around the village

Welcoming a New Baby

Learning about how we welcome a new baby

In RE we have been learning about how we welcome a new baby and choose their name. Maxine kindly came in with her baby and spoke about all the things a baby likes and needs. She also told us how they chose his name and that all their friends and family brought gifts and cards to welcome the new baby.

Later that day the children were introduced to our new class baby. They thought about different names before voting to choose Dinky. The next day we read about christenings, and we have visited the church to look at the font. Some of the children would now like to have a christening for our baby dinky.


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