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COVID-19 Arrangements & Advice

Parent Information - Return to School 8th March 2021

We will be returning to school much in the same way as we were operating in the Autumn term but we have come up with a few tweaks to our routines to make things easier for everyone.

We have to return to our normal attendance rules – all children are expected to attend school every day except for illness.


We will have school staff on duty through the church yard so parents will drop off by the gate and the children will be supervised while they walk through to the school gate. Mrs White will be on duty in School Lane to supervise those arriving that way and ensure that children go all the way to their classes.

Staff will be on duty in the churchyard between 8:50am and 9:00am. You must remain in your cars until 8:50am – gathering in groups to chat is not allowed at this time.

If you arrive after 9:00am the staff will have returned to the classrooms so you will need to bring your child(ren) to the school office main entrance to be signed in Late.


We do not want children to be in the car park for long periods of time as they want to run around and have fun, so we will bring all the classes out, one at a time, between 3.25pm and 3.30pm. This will mean that everyone is collected swiftly and then can leave straight away.

Similar to the morning routine, you must stay in your cars until we bring the children out. You are not allowed to gather in groups and chat. You must still maintain social distance from anyone who is not in your family.


Normal school uniform rules apply. The weather will be warming up but as the classrooms need to be well ventilated they can be draughty – not cold but not toasty! An extra vest or plain t-shirt under the school shirts or polo shirts would be recommended. Normal school shoes, if your children have grown out of them and you cannot get them replaced then something suitable for school activities will be fine: children need to be able to run around at playtime. Children will also need their full PE kit in school at all times.


Things that need to be brought in daily:

  • Reading books and reading records
  • Coats
  • Water bottles
  • Packed lunch box (unless school dinners)
  • Fruit for morning playtime snack (KS2) {KS1 have fruit from the government scheme}



We must still remember that the guidance is still to maintain social distance. By following the rules, you are helping to protect the school staff so please adhere to the following:

  • No gathering in groups to chat
  • No hugging children who do not live with you
  • Lift shares should wear face coverings while in the car together
  • No play dates after school
  • No social gatherings

Remote Learning

COVID-19 Catch up Funding Report

Currently only people with COVID-19 symptoms need to get tested - please access the document below for the current guidance Guidance

Young Devon Wellbeing Toolkit

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