Encouraging Learning Behaviours

School Vision and Values

Our school values state that we wish to develop an aspirational climate to enable all children to enjoy learning.  We want our children to leave this school confident individuals with the resilience to continue to learn and live happy and fulfilled lives.  Confidence does not come naturally to most people – we need to teach children the skills they require to become confident.  If we firstly show that we have confidence in their ability, they will in turn absorb this confidence.  In school we always encourage children to try to do things for themselves – we know that to learn new skills we need to experience failure and learn the resilience to deal with failure.

Our reward systems celebrate the behaviours of effective learning: thinking, collaboration, motivation and engagement; and we refer to these characteristics on a daily basis through our woodland characters which are displayed in every classroom.

      Olive Owl

Engagement and Reflectiveness

She is curious about objects, events and people and uses all her sense to explore the world around her.  She is open minded and thinks about where she is going and what actions or resources she needs to take to get there.  She will seek a challenge and can take risks by having a ‘can do’ attitude.

Her words are: planning, reflecting, thinking things through and evaluating.



Wilbur Woodpecker

Motivation and Resilience

He shows high levels of energy and fascination and is not easily distracted.  He perseveres with tasks and keeps going when facing difficulties.  He can use different approaches to solve problems and enjoys meeting his own goals.

His words are: keeping going, resilience, perseverance and not giving up.



Samuel Squirrel

Thinking and Resourcefulness

He is full ideas and he looks for links in his learning. He loves to make predictions and test his ideas.   He constantly checks how well his activities are going and reviews how well the approach he took worked.  He can use a full range of resources, including books, people, the internet, etc

His words are: curiosity, finding out, why? What? Where? Who? When?



      Betty Bee

Coloration and Reciprocity

Betty loves to work with others: listening to their ideas; respecting and recognising others’ viewpoints.  She has empathy with people by putting herself into other people’s shoes to think how they might feel.  He learns from others who are good learners by adapting methods, habits and values.

Her words are: listening, sharing, collaborating and working as a team.

These characteristics can be applied to all aspect of life and we encourage you to refer to these characteristics whenever possible.

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