Severe Weather Arrangements

All possible efforts would be made to keep the school open. However, we would close the school if the following reasons apply which impacts on our ability to ensure the safety of your children.

These are:

  • We cannot ensure that a sufficient number of staff can get in safely to supervise the children adequately.
  • The school site is dangerous or there is a lack of amenities e.g. frozen pipes, no heating etc.
  • The weather forecast is predicting further severe weather that day and we cannot guarantee getting the children home safely

The decision to close the school will be made at around 7.30am each day to allow as much time as possible for you to make alternative arrangements.

We alert parents that the school is closed by posting a closure notice on our school website.   This should be the first place to look if in any doubt.

In additional we would send an email and text message to parents registered on ParentMail.

A notice will also be placed on the Devon County Council Website:

Please do not let children walk down to school unaccompanied if the weather is severe and there is a doubt the school will be open.

If the school is open but you judge it is too dangerous to transport your children to school, then this is a decision for you but we ask that you let the school know as early as possible for safeguarding reasons.

Should the weather deteriorate during the day and we have to close the school early then the same process of contact will be used where we will send an email and text message to parents registered on ParentMail.

Therefore, it is vital parents keep their ParentMail accounts up-to-date with the correct mobile numbers and that mobile telephones are switched on.   


ParentMail – Please note that if your mobile number or email address has changed, it is the responsibility of the parent to update their accounts as the school does not have access to parent accounts.

SIMS database updates – Please note that any changes to ParentMail or ParentPay are not transferred to the schools SIMS database, therefore please advise the school office regarding any changes to your contact details.

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