English Autumn 2021

Posted: 9 November 2021

Year 1 Phonics

We have been going back over our phase 4 phonics sounds. We focus on a sound a day where we think of words independently which we then check the spelling of and discuss any rules surrounding the sound/grapheme of the day and then use them in a sentence. We often use this as an opportunity to edit sentences as a whole group.



English - Using our senses to create lists of adjectives

We went for an early morning walk to make the most of the amazing dew and fresh autumn sunshine. We were lucky enough to be able to see the webs all over the village cricket pitch as well as see the sun create a rainbow on the grass with the dew. We used this time to explore our senses and how this can help us describe, using adjectives.


Kingfishers - In the mirror I can see ...

To help us learn about adjectives we used mirrors to write about ourselves. The year 1 children wrote out different adjectives they could use to write about themselves, and the year 2 children used these in sentences.