Jubilee Curry Workshop

Posted: 7 June 2022

The Amazing Mina from Kilmington’s Khushi Kitchen

The amazing Mina from Kilmington’s Khushi kitchen came and helped the children learn to make their own special Jubilee curry and mini chapattis so we could have a feast just like Mrs Kapoor in our core book Chapatti Moon. The children helped to chop vegetables, grate ginger, pound spices, tear coriander, spoon coconut milk and they listened as the vegetables sizzled. They smelt the spices and the garlic. Mina then showed them how to make chapatti dough and the children rolled their own mini chapattis. The chapattis were cooked in a hot pan and then we all shared the curry and breads.

Some children were initially worried about trying something new. But once the food was served all the children enjoyed eating chapattis and most liked spooning the delicious curry on to their chapatti and eating it. Some really loved the curry and kept remarking ‘I really like it!’

Mina was a fabulous teacher for the morning and we were very grateful to her for offering her time. Now the children really understand the story of chapatti moon as they too have shared curry and chapattis with friends.

A feast just like Mrs Kapoor in our core book Chapatti Moon